About Elizabeth

Aum_calligraphy.svgElizabeth primarily teaches hatha yoga, a traditional form of yoga that focuses on the mind and breath in addition to strengthening and stretching the physical body.  She focuses her classes on beginners hatha yoga, gentle hatha yoga, and all-level hatha flows.  Her style is to combine an active physical practice with mental stillness and inner kindness.  All students are encouraged to work at their own pace and level.

me ballerinaElizabeth’s connection to her body began early in life.  She is a classically trained ballerina who started dancing at the age of three, training primarily with the Dallas Black Dance Theatre in Dallas.  She also pursued professional training in jazz and tap, and in her twenties studied contemporary, lyrical, modern, hip hop and salsa.

Elizabeth was introduced to yoga by accident in a dance exercise video in 2000.  She became a dedicated practitioner quickly, beginning with hatha yoga and then shifting to power yoga and vinyasa flow.  However life soon got in the way, and her practice wavered in and out as she endured a stressful decade in her twenties.

256px-Chakraserpent.svgElizabeth rededicated herself to yoga in her early thirties in an effort to find peace, strength, and stillness.  She obtained her 200 hour certification from Namah Shivaya International Yoga School in Dallas, studying traditional hatha yoga and meditation in the Sivananda tradition.  She has also studied depression/anxiety relief, yoga therapy, and mudras, and continues to expand her knowledge daily through new texts in an endless quest to deepen her personal practice.

headstandIn her personal practice Elizabeth is particularly drawn to Ashtanga because of its challenging physical postures combined with mindfulness and breath.  She often incorporates elements of the Ashtanga practice into her classes.

Elizabeth lives in Coppell with her fiance and two special, elderly kitties!


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